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Diverse City

Tam and Paul worked as Emerging Artists on Breathe.

Breathe was the result of a commission from the Arts Council and the British Council for Dorset company Diverse City to create a spectacular performance, which linked with the final day of events in Battle for the Winds, a unique three day theatrical event to mark the opening celebrations of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing events. Breathe was performed on Weymouth Beach on Saturday 28 July at 9pm, and told the story of the Olympian god of wind, Aeolis, the stealing of the wind by Doldrum and the recapture and releasing of the wind back to Weymouth to allow the sailing events to begin.

The integrated cast of 50 local cast members from Double Act Theatre Company and The Remix Youth Performance Company joined by 20 performers from APAE, Brazil, worked with leading professional disabled and non-disabled artists and companies on this 15 month project. The professionals involved included Jamie Beddard, Dave Toole, Alex Bulmer,  Jude Christian, Double Act Theatre Company, Remix Youth Performance Company, Diverse City, Cirque Bijou, Activate Performing Arts, Desperate Men, State of Emergency (Dance), State of Play (International Coordination) and JAM (event production). For more information about Breathe, check out

Tam and Paul worked  closely with mentors on areas of particular interest. On a mission to become a fully fledged theatre Director and a keen writer and co-ordinator, Tam was Company Manager  and Marketing Assistant on Breathe. Working closely with director Jamie Beddard and alongside artists in the rehearsal room, her role was also to liaise with cast and parents, support the parents' funding committee, and assist with project management and marketing, including working on the project newsletters and press releases. During her time on the project, Tam said:

“I feel very lucky to be part of the Breathe team. The project is much larger than any I’ve worked on previously, and there is so much to see and learn. The fact that the artistic and management teams have given me so much responsibility is incredibly inspiring – I just hope  I won't let them, or the performers, down!"

Paul worked on Breathe as Assistant Producer and Sssistant  Access Co-ordinator. His main duties included assisting with stage management, attending planning meetings with both the Breathe and Battle of the Winds teams and learning all matters production side. His ambition is to become a solo theatre producer. During Breathe, Paul said:

“I am loving the experience Breathe is giving me. I really want to repay the confidence the team have shown in me over the years.”