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Disability Awareness

Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Persuasion Arts offer disability awareness / equality workshops which are suitable for schools / college students aged 10 and above.

Persuasion Arts work with teachers before we come in, to ensure that the sessions meet national curriculum / topic requirements.

Persuasion Arts diversity workshops:

  • Run for two hours in length
  • Introduce the Social Model of Disability and different forms of impairment
  • Tackle issues of bullying both in and out of school/at work and in the wider community.
  • Use our personal stories and forum theatre techniques to explore negative perceptions and find positive outcomes
  • Provide opportunities for students to share their experiences through story telling and role-play in a safe and secure environment


There is the possibility of extending / splitting the workshop into two one hour slots. Please get in touch for a detailed price guide and to chat about how we can make it work for you.

What people say:

“Thank you for inspiring us”

“ I enjoyed it all of the time”

“Thank you for helping us”

Year 7 Students, Oakmead School, March 2012. Tam and Paul worked on this project with State of Play Arts