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Photos by Alastair Nisbet





Priest's House Theatre Company

Lost In Time - 2016

Lost in Time is the second production  by Priest's House Theatre Company, again working with Priest's House Museum, Persuasion Arts and State of Play, introducing film-maker Alastair Nisbet from ScreenPlay to the team.

The performance was part of 'The Sting in The Tale' festival on Monday 15 August 2016.




What's the show about?

When Tanya visits her local museum, she finds herself caught up in a series of dramatic encounters, some funny, some mysterious, some downright scary!

Who are the two railwaymen who fight over the merits of steam and diesel? How can she escape from the cruel schoolteacher’s classroom? Does the friendly museum cat really talk? And will Mr Low, the romantic Stationer/Poet, sweep her off her feet?

How did the story develop?

Our cast are all very interested in history and wanted to create a show which told the Museun's story through the ages. But we wanted it to be different to Hidden Stories which told the stories behind our cast's personal objects.  So, we talked about the group members' interests and then put them all into a story, using all the different rooms at the Museum. The story takes place in the Victorian Kitchen, Stationers shop and Schoolroom, and we also went on location to film at Swanage Railway!

We did a lot of improvisation over a six-month period,  and as each scene developed, we turned it into a script.The cast talk about their ideas in this early video: